Write Your Commissioners for a Rec Center

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Write Your Commissioners for a Rec Center

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How could a community recreation center benefit Watauga County?  Please read details below.   We have attached a link to a downloadable letter which you can send to our county commissioners if you want to support this great cause.  Also included are email addresses for our county commissioners.

Also, here is a link to the initial feasibility study that Watauga County completed on the swim complex site (from the commissioner budget retreat packet):



Download and send this letter to Watauga County commissioners!

Watauga County Commissioners:







As members of an active community that has a strong passion for recreation, we are striving towards the planning for and building of a recreation center in Watauga County. An indoor recreation center has been identified as a need in our community for decades and has been part of the long term planning for the county and town during that time.  A survey from ASU in 2010 showed overwhelming community support for  an indoor recreation center.   Of 26 counties the same size as ours, only two counties do not have a community recreation center (either a YMCA or a public facility):  Watauga County and Franklin County.  At least the residents of Franklin County (northeast of Raleigh) have access to three YMCAs just across the county line in three different directions.  Watauga County’s lack of an indoor recreation center makes us an anomaly compared to other counties our same size – we need to fix that!

How would a community recreation center benefit Watauga County?

First, it would enrich the lives of the citizens in our community.  Particularly given our local weather issues, an indoor recreation center would give people across the age spectrum exercise opportunities year round.  Access to yearly recreational opportunities would also allow our Recreation Department to increase its programming for local children including summer camps and snow day alternatives.  This will have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of our citizens.  In addition, it will give people in the county an important gathering spot to strengthen the social bonds that make our community vibrant and strong.  Think about all the interactions that happen, for example, at the softball fields when the weather is nice.  An indoor facility would allow that to happen year round.

Second, it would strengthen the economy of our county.  A community recreation center would help our county retain and attract small businesses.  Studies have shown that small businesses have identified quality of life as the most important factor in their location decisions and the number one quality of life issue is recreation (specifically, in order, national/state parks, local parks, community recreation centers).  A community recreation center should be a vital component of any future economic development plans.  In addition, an indoor facility has the potential to generate significant economic activity from youth sports events. Youth sports tourism was a $7 billion industry in 2013 (for example, Kingsport, TN generated almost $10 million in economic activity from youth sports events in 2013).  An indoor facility would allow our community to be part of this economic engine.

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